How SEO Online Marketing Can Transform Your Business for Good

For businesses looking to grow and expand their reach, SEO is a great marketing option. Done right, SEO shows your business at the top of the search results so that potential customers can easily locate you, increasing your website traffic and subsequently, leads and conversions.

Effective SEO also includes nitty- gritties like keyword research, content creation, posting at the most suitable times, and analysis of the marketing campaigns.

So, how can effective SEO transform your business’s growth prospects?Let’s find out.

1. Everyone is searching on Google

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day (Internetlivestats, 2019).

Wow! With such mammoth figures, we can easily say that Google search has become an intrinsic part of our lives. When you use SEO for marketing your products and services, you are making your business available to an expansive network of people who might be looking for the ‘your’ product or service. Without SEO, you might not be able to reach a wide network of people who would be otherwise interested in your product.

With a good SEO strategy, the right people will view your business, making leads easier and quicker. People want quick results and powerful SEO marketing will place your business right in front of them, making their searching tasks easy!

2. Page 1 of SERPs

When searching for products and services, people type certain keywords to get the desired search results. Seldom do they go to the inner pages of a search results. Hence businesses that appear on the first page of search results get the maximum conversion advantage.

From Google marketings ads to social media ads, businesses are presented with a plethora of choices for selecting their SEO campaigns. Some businesses rely on organic SEO techniques to appear on page 1 and win their customer’s trust. For greater brand presence, you can opt for PPC and GDN marketing services that will take customers directly to your website.

3. Stay ahead in the competitive curve

61% of marketers say improving SEO All brands and businesses are conducting SEO marketing. This simply means they will get better visibility on the search engines and greater traffic to their websites. It hence increases their chances of doing better business as more traffic is directed towards their website. In this scenario, if your competitor is initiating an SEO campaign, you cannot stay behind. Your business will suffer and you will fall behind in search results, so it is vital to have a strong SEO strategy in place.

4. SEO yields better conversion rates

Effective SEO brings 14.9% greater conversion rates than the usual market conversion rate of 1.7%. Better conversions imply that there is greater traffic to your website, people are browsing your products/service with interest and proceed towards the purchase option, boosting your sales and growing your business reach.

With such high market conversion rates, SEO remains of the best marketing practices.

5. Leverage the power of Local SEO

Local businesses are embracing SEO tactics to get greater visibility online. If you are a local vendor selling goods and services in the neighbourhood, being registered at Google My Business will allow potential clients to find you with greater ease. A new cafe, food joint or a boutique that has just been set up, do create a listing at Google My Business.

Moreover, your Google My Listing must reflect all your business details and should be updated as well as optimized regularly. Any change of address, name, website or any other personal updates should be added to your listing information timely. You could also display consumer reviews to build trust and attract new customers.88 percent of users will call or visit a business within 24 hours after they have run a local search.


Sometimes, you may conduct more than one digital marketing tactic like email marketing, social media marketing, along with SEO, for more effective results. It might take a while before you come up with the best SEO practices that involve a combination of various digital marketing techniques. Watch out which online marketing SEO techniques yield the best leads and conversions and immediately put them to use.