Factors To Consider When Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

In today’s era, with most business activities being conducted on the web, it has become important for all businesses to build an online reputation. To connect with your potential audience in Bangladesh is to conduct successful digital marketing campaigns. For this, you need a suitable digital agency for your business.

But first, you must understand the basic digital marketing terms, and define your marketing goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, similarly, not all agencies, will be able to meet your business expectations. Define your marketing objectives and evaluate the digital agency based on your selected parameters.

In this article, we will discuss some important points to consider while selecting a digital agency in Bangladesh:

1. Understand your budget, goals and objectives

A full-time digital marketing agency who can market your company at all levels, or someone who can handle specific services for you, or a content marketing expert? Once you understand your business objectives, hiring becomes sorted.

Many digital marketing companies in Bangladesh specialise in getting you better sales, and if that is your objective, consider hiring them. Your goal could also be getting more inquiries through phone calls, more subscribers or more visits to your website, look for a specialist agency that helps you meet your business objectives.

Other factors like your budget, i.e. the amount of money you are prepared to spend throughout the marketing campaign, are also vital. Most marketing agencies in Bangladesh customise their packages aligning them with the client’s business goals.

2. Hire an agency that offers a complete package

If you are a business in Bangladesh, you must hire an agency that understands your region’s demographics and has ample creative experience. They must be equipped to handle the entire gamut of digital services ranging from understanding your business goals, planning your company’s digital marketing, content and video creation for different social media platforms, timely content delivery, and finally, running the digital marketing campaigns. Analytics is another important aspect of monitoring your digital marketing projects. Though these measures might cost you big bucks, a complete range of digital marketing services are vital for greater visibility and lead conversions.

Facebook and Instagram ads are a phenomenal way of reaching out to a potential audience who are searching for solutions on social media channels. If your goal is to connect with the audience, an effective content marketing strategy is what you must look for in your digital agency. GDN marketing is another way you can reach potential customers through the Google Display Network .

People remember the experience they had. Yes, your website design and interface make a great impact on better leads and conversions. Conversion rate optimization, CRO objective setting, conversion metric identification and data collection are examples of services provided by a marketing agency.

Ensure that your digital agency has the above mentioned proven skills to take your marketing game several notches higher by giving results. These results could be more visits to the website, better leads, more customers to your storefront or higher ranking in the SEO results.

3. Experience

Has your agency worked in the same business field earlier? Ask your agency questions about how they went about their marketing campaigns and what were the challenges faced.

Look for an agency that has past work experience in your work niche. Else how will you know whether your investment is worth it? An agency that specialises in your business line will know the who, why, and where of targeting the right personas.

This targeting can be based on behaviour or demographics. An agency that has experience will know which areas to focus on for different lines of business. This will save time and immediately start showing results in the form of leads, better sales and more. If you hire an inexperienced digital agency in Bangladesh, ample time will be wasted on testing strategies for better results.

4. Brand & Reputation

An agency with a strong brand presence is always a pleasure to work with. Some aspects to take a deed of including a well-designed website, a logo, brand promotion, and customer support. These areas reflect how seriously the digital agency positions itself as a reputed digital brand in Bangladesh. Read their ‘About Us ‘ page and get to know their areas of expertise, their team of experts, and more.

Check for customer reviews of previous clients and browse through case studies of how the agency worked with previous clients. Look for their portfolio insights. An interesting portfolio paves way for more creativity and flexibility. Also, quotations from previous customers would provide you with a greater understanding of the strong areas of the agency.


When looking for a digital marketing agency in Bangladesh, apart from the above-discussed factors, your work culture and aspirations must align with that of your agency. You have to be compatible to build a strong working environment. The right choice of digital agency in Bangladesh that offers B2C Lead Generation Services will do wonders to boost your prospects.

Fuad   Hasan


Fuad   Hasan
Web, SEO & Digital Marketing expert with over 10 years of e-business experience and specialise in small to medium business growth. Founder of Red Sparrow Digital.